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MOSAC - Local Sentencing Alternatives - St. Louis City

St. Louis City 

Center for Women in Transition
Nina Balsam, Director of Restorative Justice
6400 Minnesota Ave. , St. Louis, MO   63111
Phone: 314-771-5207
Fax: 314-771-0066
E-mail: cwit@cwitstl.org

Missouri Restorative Justice Initiative

The Missouri Restorative Justice Initiative was developed by the Center for Women in Transition (CWIT) to:

  • Increase awareness, understanding and support, among stakeholders, for the benefits that restorative justice principles and practices offer to victims, the community and offenders
  • Advocate, create opportunities for, and be a resource for restorative justice programs and projects in Missouri and promote restorative justice in the state of Missouri.  

Missouri Restorative Justice Coalition (MRJC)

MRJC is a state-wide group of policy makers, criminal justice personnel, victim organizations, church leaders, and providers of restorative justice services working to implement the goals of CWIT?s initiative.  

Assistance provided by MRJC:

  • Presentations on restorative justice
  • Information about restorative justice
  • Technical assistance
  • Referral and training information

What is Restorative Justice

Restorative Justice is a new way of looking at crime that focuses on healing the harm to the victim.   Through the process, offenders are held accountable, develop empathy for the victim, and make amends.   Communities support the victim, and hold the offender accountable and encourage his/her transformation.

Benefits of Restorative Justice:

  • Greater victim satisfaction
  • Lower recidivism and crime rate
  • Less tax money spent on prisons
  • Safer communities

Restorative Justice Models:  

  • Victim/offender mediation
  • Neighborhood accountability boards
  • Family group conferencing
  • Circle sentencing  
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