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Offense Groups

There are almost 900 felony offenses that are included in the System of Recommended Sentences. In order to simplify the sentencing and still recommend sentences that reflect average sentencing for all offenses the offenses have been grouped into five offense types that have similar sentencing: Violent, Sex and Child Abuse, Drugs, DWI and other Non-violent offenses. The Missouri charge codes for the offenses in each of the offense groups are given below. Within each offense group and felony class there is a further dis-aggregation into three levels of offense severity. This enables the recommended sentences to more closely reflect average sentences for all offenses (see Offense Severity).

The charge codes listed are active on August 28, 2009.

Violent A and B felonies (excluding sex assault): Capital Murder, Murder 1 and 2, Voluntary Manslaughter, Robbery 1, Robbery 2, Assault 1, Domestic Assault 1, NCIC Kidnapping, Arson 1, Armed Criminal Action and other A or B weapon offenses (31010, 31140, 31147, 31149, 31150, 31151, 31152, 31153, 31154, 31155, 31156, 31182, 31195, 31200), Elder Abuse 1 and 2 (26165, 26170), Escape using violence or weapons (28020, 28050, 28100, 28130), Causing a catastrophe (34070), Bus jacking (15053), Arson 2 causing death.

Violent C and D felonies: Involuntary Manslaughter, Assault 2, Domestic Assault 2, Assault 3 with deadly weapon, NCIC offenses of Kidnapping (felonious restraint), Flight/Escape with use of weapons or force in escape (28055), Civil disorder (34045), Riot (34047), and Harassment because of discrimination (34055), Terrorist threats (58010, 58020, 58040), and Aggravated stalking 1and 2 (34210, 34220).

Sex and Child Abuse A & B felonies: Forcible rape, Forcible sodomy, Statutory rape 1, Statutory sodomy 1, Sexual assault, Child molestation 1, Abandonment of child 1, Abuse of a child (resulting in death, emotional injury), forced labor, Sexual exploitation, Child enticement, Sexual Trafficking in children, Possession of child pornography - 2nd ofns or possess >20 pics/one film/videotape/etc.

Sex and Child Abuse C & D felonies: Statutory rape 2, Statutory sodomy 2, Child molestation 2, Sexual misconduct, Incest, Abandonment of child 2, Abuse of a child, Endangering the welfare of a child, Child in sexual performance, Trafficking in children (non sexual), Promoting Obscenity, Possession of child pornography.

Non-Violent A and B felonies
: Burglary 1, Theft/stealing >$25000, Treason.

Non-Violent C and D felonies
: NCIC offenses of Burglary (not 1), Stealing, Arson (not 1 or 2 causing death), Forgery, Fraud, Gambling, Damage Property, Stolen Property, Family Offenses (excluding those listed in Violent and Sex offenses), Obstructing Judicial Process, Weapon Offenses, Liquor Laws, Peace Disturbance (with the listed exceptions in Violent C and D felonies), Election Laws, Health and Safety, Tax Revenue, Conservation, Motor Vehicles (other than DWI and BAC), Public Order Crimes (including fail to register as a sex offender).

Drugs A and B felonies: Drug trafficking 1 and 2, Drug manufacturing or distribution and any other A or B felony NCIC Dangerous Drug Offense.

Drugs C and D felonies: NCIC Dangerous Drugs.

DWI: Vehicles: 47410-47470, watercraft 54307-54310. Includes BAC.

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