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MOSAC - Purpose & Goals

The Missouri Sentencing Advisory Commission (MOSAC) purpose as stated in the 1998 Recommended Sentencing Guidelines Users Manual is to:

"recommend a uniform policy that will ensure certainty, consistency, and proportionality of punishment, recognize the impact of crime on victims, and provide protection for society. The use of these guidelines will result in minimal sentencing disparity and a rational use of correctional resources consistent with public safety."

In 2003, significant changes were made to the Commission's authorizing statute, Section 558.019.6, RSMo requiring the Commission to study alternative sentences, prison work programs, work release, home-based incarceration, probation and parole options and any other programs and report the feasibility of these options in Missouri. The Commission released a report in June 2004, Report on Recommended Sentencing.

Building upon the work of the previous MOSAC, the report stipulated that the Commission's goal was to achieve a sentencing system that is fair, protects the public and uses corrections resources wisely. The new advisory sentences are based on current sentencing and corrections practices. They provide:

  • Risk assessment using a modified version of the salient risk factors used by the Missouri Board of Probation and Parole (BPP) to determine eligibility for release on parole. These risk factors have been validated by statistical studies of Missouri offenders.
  • Grouping of offenses in the same manner as they are categorized by statute and the BPP.
  • Severity of offenses where within each group crimes are arranged in categories of severity from Level I (most severe) to Level III (least severe).
  • Sentencing Recommendations based upon data on sentences throughout the state.

The commission is to release a report every two years.